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Who I am

Web Developer and Software Developer who tackles the most challenging problems – people, processes, and technology - with a sense of humor.

My career

30 years in the making

Boland Consulting, Inc. was founded

After working for such prestigous firms such as AT&T Bell Laboratories and Bell Northern Research, developing a wide range of software from real-time embedded products to be used in the telecommunications industry to business reporting software that analyzed large quantities of data, I started my own consulting firm, Boland Consulting, Inc.

Boland Consulting provides custom software software solutions, from web sites to trouble ticket systems, to help businesses acheive their goals.

My skills


System Architecture and Design

I utilize a thoughtful communication style to quickly gather and assess information, and consistently communicate to build consensus, ensure understanding, and keep projects on-time and on budget.


Web and Windows Development

I have implemented solutions using C# (MVC, WebForms, WinForms), VB.NET, Javascript and PHP.


Database Design

I have designed and implemented MSSQL (2008 R2 and 2005), MySQL and Access Databases. I am also proficient in using TransactSQL to create stored procedures and views.

"Dreams don’t usually come true. In this case, they did. Boland Consulting was able to take a huge amount of disjoint information from us, understand what we were looking for and operationalize it for us. We now have a state of the art process which can not be surpassed by any of our competitors." Chris Reilly, Sperduto and Associates
"We're very pleased with the updated look of our website. It's easier to navigate, the information is clearer and the images pop. More important, we're getting more positive responses from our customers. Boland Consulting was pleasant to work with and gave us what we asked for. Jeanne Powell, Owner, TJ's MatWorks
I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with your great service. Even when you were finished working on what I asked for, you continued to work on my site to see if you make it better. Thanks for a great looking website and thank you for your great customer service. Sally Wansboro Eppstein, Artist